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Live music by (ECIS) East Coast Inspirational Singers, 12-16 singers with full band. 


Great for special events such as festivals, concerts, commercials, television appearances and other engagements requiring live entertainment. 


A) All songs is Pre-selected music and special programing.  


B) Performance session duration is equivalent to a maximum of 8-10 songs and no more than 4 performing hours. A full day should be set aside to receive this service. A 2 hour buffer time and up to 4 hour showtime is required totaling 6 hours at minimum. There are no breaks from beginning to end of the concert once the show starts.  


C) A 2 hour buffer time for musician and choir for sound check is required before starting all events which is separate from the performance session.
D) A dressing room and rehearsal space for choir with refreshments such as water and light sandwiches or snacks are required.   


No trap, rock or hip hop music is available for this service.
Examples are below;
(Ex: Festival with R&B)
(EX: Special event with Inspirational Music) 
(Ex: Showcase with Party Jams)  
(Ex: Church Services with Gospel)


Note: Our choir is larger however we consider 12-16 singers a full choir, to hire all our singers as shown with Pattie Labelle, Josh Groban, Jennifer Hudson, etc. additional fees will apply, discuss with booking agent if you request more singers.  

ECIS Full Choir

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