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Weddings & Special Occations

Make your occasion unforgettable by having live performances at your wedding, birthday party, anniversary celebration or other events. We can provide a wide variety of singers, including choirs that will leave your guest in awe. 

In addition to our wide range of performing artists, we feature artist's that are also partners; who's music you can sample right now. Simply click on their logo or links on our home page to preview a song. If you find they are the right fit for your event, book them now or get in touch with us and tell our entertainment staff exactly what you are looking for. We will make sure to give you exactly what your want and provide you with impeccable professional service.   

DJ Services

Book a DJ for your next party. We provide everything you need and all you have to do is tell us the genre of music you want played and we will do the rest. In most cases the DJ will play current songs on the top 100 charts, plus some underground tracks and what is frequently heard on the radio if no specific genre is requested. 

We have male and female DJ's and each are phenomenal in their craft. They spin the tracks and your guest shake their butts on the dance floor. All of our DJ's require set up and soundchecks 1 hour before the event. This is imperative so we can provide you with the best sound. 

Special song requests must be submitted at least 1 week before your party or engagement. Additional microphones for your family or guest speakers are provided at for your convenience. 

Concerts, Parties, Guest Appearances and Private Events

From hip hop, R&B, gospel, rock, gogo, all the way up to full band services we can mix it up. We have great local talented artist at affordable costs but if your a big spender we can provide celebrity guest appearances and performances. Whether your event is small or large we aim to please. 

To give you an idea; booking our local artist is less costly, yet effective in achieving your goal of providing quality entertainment to your guests. A low budget of less than 1k is manageable to provide you with great services. 

On the high end a choir of 12 performers with keyboardist, guitarist and drummers will of course be more costly. Celebrity services require a minimum budget of 10k but can range up to 35K depending on the status of the celebrity. It really all depends on what you want and what you can afford.

For full bands to perform at your next event, it does require a high end budget. No matter what you decide make sure you ask all the questions when speaking to our booking agent to ensure your comfortable with your decision. Everyone on our team works hard at making your occasion spectacular.

Art, Gallery, Fashion & Prop Staging

When it comes down to art it is the expression of the artist and the client. We have two gallery's we work with that can provide you with exquisite or abstract art. 

In addition to gallery art, we express entertainment in fashion, styling and staging. We have 5 custom designers and each represent art in unique ways. This gives our customers a variety of one of kind looks that are customizable to suit their needs.

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