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Pierre Anthony

Cool Cat Clan Entertainment

Artist, Singer, Songwriter and Model

Pierre Anthony is a new business owner, model, singer and songwriter from Queens, New York. He recently released his new single "REMEMBER" on April 24, 2022 and aims to take over the R&B charts with new original hits that will have people "in their feelings" when listening to his music. Currently, he has performed for major artists in the industry such as Patti Labelle, Josh Groban, Jennifer Hudson, The Foreigners, Neal Patrick Harris, and many more with the East Coast Inspirational Singers. 

He has also been on some of the biggest stages in the industry such as Woodstock & VH1 Divia's Live.  For the past 12 years he has been traveling and singing professionally to further his career. Since 2019 he has been a member of the G.A.A.B Network before deciding to partner with the network to establish CCC Entertainment.  Pierre brings a unique modern, yet old school spin to Rythm, Soul & Blues. Every artist here at the label will work with him directly for styling, modeling, songwriting and vocal coaching. He's also directly involved scouting for talent and the studio recording soundtracks process.  

Alphonso Brown

Movah Entertainment

Artist, Actor, Fashion

Alfundz, his stage name; is a force by himself. He is an actor, rapper & reggae artist, and fashion designer. He's a native-born Brooklyn, New Yorker but his heritage is not only American it's also Jamaican; something not many artists can say. Blending of his culture gives him a diverse sound. His music rocks the soundwaves in both genres with the hip hop hit "NOW YOU KNOW WSUP" and his dancehall song “SEND IT ON” which displays his versatility as an artist.

Expanding his horizons, he has developed his own company "Movah Entertainment", to retain is artistic independence. His brand has also developed into a clothing line making him stand out in a crowd when performing. Alfundz has decided to partner with CCC Entertainment to bring the hip hop and dancehall element to the label. He will also be continuously featured on BET and NETFLIX for upcoming G.A.A.B Network, CCC Entertainment & WIN Network projects. for acting and music. In addition to that he has his own projects.

For more updates on Movah Entertainment we suggest everyone stay tuned into Alfundz. 

Warren Roland

BYB Productions

Small business Owner 

BYB, for Build Your Buzz, is a production company, that works with artists who have the potential to reach the top of the industry! Warren Roland aka Art of War is aware of the struggles that you have to go through as an upcoming artist because he once was one. 

As our partner Warren and his team brings new opportunities to CCC Entertainment for artists. Build Your Buzz will work directly all artists on the label for music video creation, radio & magazine opportunities, soundtrack recordings, and one-on-one guidance in many aspects of the industry.


Michael Ward

Obsurd Art

Artist, Author, Illustrator 

Michael Ward was born in Harlem, New York and is currently residing in Wisconsin where he owns Obsurd Art Studios. His artwork speaks for itself, and his motto when it comes to his work is; "Only your eyes can analyze the theory behind his inner madness". 

Not only is he the CEO of Obsurd Art he is also an author who has partnered with CCC Entertainment for film production projects where his art will be displayed for international and national viewings. He will also develop new creations for clothing designs, artwork, book covers and illustrations with the label.     

Takiyah Henderson

Fashions by TJ

Artist & Fashion Designer

Fashions by TJ is owned by Takiyah Henderson, a sister to company G.A.A.B Network. She is a Brooklyn born native, but her sense of fashion comes from her heritage, education and personal style.  As a Wood Tobe-Coburn college graduate for fashion design, her skills are like no other's. She effectively sets trends in the neighborhoods and within the marketplace with her essential and inspiring designs. TJ has partnered with CCC Entertainment to broaden her platform in the fashion industry. 

She will work directly with male and female artists in future films, videos and photoshoots using her distinctive styling creativity. Currently she's emerging as one of the best, idiosyncratic talents of 2022.

Rico Jerome

Wisdom Inc Network

Editors Are US

Artist, Podcaster, Photographer & Video Editor

Rico Jerome is the mind behind Wisdom Inc Network. 

His podcast "I give a Damn Jam" was originally created before the death of his mother who passed away from breast cancer. He used his artistry to make it his business while she was alive to show the he gave a dam about her wellbeing and raised funds for her medical bills and also donated additional resources towards finding a cure for cancer.  Hence the name of his podcast, which has developed in various ways as he continued to grow his brand. Currently the show is about so much more than supporting cancer research. Over time, the "I Give a Damn Jam", has transformed from stage performing, music videos and community activism into a podcast where everything is now done under one umbrella.  

In addition to that, he has a passion for photography and video editing and established "Editors are Us" as part of his brand. Viewers can tune into the  "I Give a Damn Jam", podcast on his YouTube channel and social media platforms or quickly watch on G.A.A.B Network-Video TV our public broadcast company.

Safiya Jerome

Cool Cat Clan

G.A.A.B Network

BVP Publishing House

CCC Entertainment Organization

Artist, Author, Director, Educator, Business Owner, Graphic Designer & more.

Ionic Spirit aka Safiya Jerome is the CEO of G.A.A.B Network, Global Advancement Association Broadcast Network since 2014 and she owns a host of other businesses. She is the mastermind and developer of BVP Publishing House for content in the creation of independent documentaries, commercials, books, videos, pictures, magazine covers, illustrations, web designing and other arts.

G.A.A.B Network currently broadcasts online and the homebases are located in New York and New Jersey. Her partnership with "WIN", Wisdom Inc Network allows the company to have a home base in Washington DC, which expands our market into three states on all platforms. 

She established CCC Entertainment with her husband in 2022 to create a safe platform for doing business as independent artists, film makers, music producers, singers, songwriters, authors, designers, dancers and for mainly everyone under the spectrum of the entertainment industry. Due to the fact that she and her husband both are in the industry on all fronts, it made sense to form the label. 

Every artist signed to CCC Entertainment is a partner and we work together on projects, and also operate our individual business entities. This aspect of the label makes CCC Entertainment like no other label, in existence.  Her motto is "We make the changes we want to see", and in this aspect of business we are doing just that. We are the first to establish a label for entertainment that let's artists retain full ownership of their work.  

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