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Photography includes;
A) 100 - 4x6 Photos
B) 25 - 5x7 Photos
C) 50 count Photo Album for Portfolio 
D) CD of all images


Production includes;
A) Negative or Reversal Film
B) Treatments
C) Location Scout
D) Filming Locations
E) Lighting
F) Cameras
G) Production Team
H) Editing Team
I) Table Reads & Rehearsals
J) Fashion & Prop Staging
K) Music Video


Fashion, costume & prop staging for film service Includes;
A) Branding Props
B) Fashion and costume wardrobe for actors.
C) Staged Prop Units for recording production.


CCC Entertainment or our sponsors provides all the branding props on set for film shoots. However customers also have the ability to showcase their own arts and brands in the film. Stagged units require 4 days to set up and 4 days to break down and reflect the session duration time. Production team can film at each unit for a total of 30 days. 

Short Film or TV Series Production

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