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Live cover bands for special events such as weddings, restaurants, festivals, concerts and other engagements requiring live entertainment. 


A) Pre-selected music and special programing permitted.  Sheet music and rehearsals are required for singer and band musicians, therefore all song pre-selected songs must be submitted to the band a min of 30 days prior to starting event.  We will provide the rehearsal space. 


B) Performance session duration is 5 hours.

C) A 1-2 hour buffer time for Band set-up and sound check is required before starting all events which is separate from the performance session. Max 2 hours is suggested for best sound quality. 
D) Host must provide a rehearsal space before the event if special programming is required for guest interaction with the band, host must inform booking agent before day of the sound check.  


Examples are below;
(Ex: Festival with R&B)
(EX: Night Club with GoGo)
(EX; Wedding with Party Jams) 
(Ex: Showcase with Rock n' Roll)  
(Ex: Church Services with Gospel)

Cover Band with Preselected Music

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