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Ballroom, Black Tie or Red Carpet


Personal stylist for Classy and Elegant, Parties and Special events.  Includes Makeup and Hair Glam Squad.


You will need to come in for a fitting so the stylist can take your measurements, weight, height and shoe size. Be sure to talk to stylist about your theme, color scheme, your personality, comfortability, limitations and look you want to achieve.  


There will be a total of 5 fitting sessions on various days. Each can take up to 4-6 hours totaling up to 30 hours. You are required to be at all fittings and also hair styling and makeup appointments.

1) Measurement Session
2) 3 High-End Outfit Selections and Style Adjustment Session
3) Style Adjustment and Assessment Fitting

4) Fitting Sessions
5) Hair Styling Day
6) Event & Dress-up day with Makeup Glam   

High End Personal Stylist

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